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The chair that makes it possible!

The chair that gives you speed, fun, challenge, excitement

and the opportunity to play and socialize with your friends when playing electric hockey!

The Game

Electric hockey is a sport that can be played by persons with mild, moderate and severe physical disabilities. Players in the Danish league typically have one of the following types of disability: Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Osteoporosis or Dwarfism. All it requires it the ability to use a joystick to control the movement of the chair.

The Chair

The custom built electric chair was invented and designed by the late Danish designer and architect Mogens Holm Rasmussen. The chair is controlled by a joystick that can be placed either in the middle or on both sides of the chair. The chair runs a thrilling 8,5 mph.

In Action

See videos and photos of the game being played.