The history of the Electric Hockey Chair – Know as Hockey Sport.

The vast majority of sports have arisen from play.The Scots struck rocks in the holes with sticks, and it developed into golf . The marathon was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides back in 1896 running from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to convey the message of victory. This however is not how electric hockey was developed; the history started when a wheelchair user took a hockey stick and struck a ball. Initially it developed into the sport that we today know as Electric Wheelchair Hockey.

Electric Wheelchair Hockey is played with regular power wheelchairs. Electric Wheelchair Hockey however requires strong arms and a good balance. A large group of people with disabilities, especially people with Muscular Dystrophy or Cerebral Palsy, have no opportunity to participate in this team sport.

The sale of a silver coin, published on the occasion of The Danish Crown Prince Frederik's 18th birthday, was subsequently significant in the development of electric hockey. This was due to the fact, that the sale generated a surplus, that the then Industry Minister Niels Vilhjelm made available to the Danish Disabled Sports Federation (DHIF) for the development of industrially processed aids for disabled athletes. DHIF used these funds to develop sports for people with severe physical disability. In this context there was arranged a design competition in 1988. The architect Mogens Holm Rasmussen won and the Hockey Sport chair was a reality.

In 1989 the first four chairs were purchased by Skive HIS, which leads to the first power hockey deals in Denmark. Shortly after, DHIF purchased several chairs with the support from the Ministry of Culture Sports Group. With the purchase of several chairs, several club facilities could be created. Consequently there was formed clubs in many cities, including Aalborg, Nykoebing Falster, Skive and Copenhagen.

Holm Rasmussen's electric hockey chair was built in molded veneer:

Light, strong and beautiful - and quick as lightning.

Electric Hockey is played throughout Scandinavia in clubs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.